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Free Nintendo DSi

Free Nintendo DSi with a Mobile Phone Contract

The Nintendo DSi is the newest updated version of the very popular Nintendo DS. The DSi Nintendo differs in a number of ways from the original DS. It is thinner, has a larger 3.25 inch screen, has 2 cameras, a built-in flash, built-in web browser, SD card support and is DSiWare shop compatible. The Free Nintendo DSi is only currently avaliable in Black or white and both colours are matte.
It looks fantastic and the DSiWare shop adds a great element. Using Nintendo Points you are able to ‘purchase’ games and applications from the store and download them directly to your Free DSi (on a phone contract).
The dual camera’s also allow a new gaming and application experience, as you can now use them (the one on the inside) to put yourself right into the games. read more…

Compare Mobile Phone Contracts with free Nintendo DSi Deals

There are two cameras. The first camera is on the outside and can be used to take pictures as you would use a digital camera or a mobile phone with a camera. The inside camera is in the middle of both screens and is there mainly to be used for gameplay. It lets you take a snap shot of yourself and insert it into games and applications as well as use the video capabilities for various games. However the camera is only o.3 mega pixels so do not expect the highest quality.
The ability to go online with the Nintendo DSi (free with a mobile phone contract), is one of its top selling points. This allows you to purchase games, download upgrades, and link applications and games to online communities to share and compete.

Useful Websites
DSI on Wikipedia
Official DSI site


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